Are you passionate about the environment and weighing up career options after high school? A recent poll showed a quarter of students aged 15-18 were seeking a more meaningful career aligned with battling climate change. Australian universities including Griffith and Deakin have already confirmed increased interest in environmental studies and the UN has reported jobs in the green economy will grow, as organisations acknowledge the importance of sustainable practices and adapt appropriately.

As greener jobs become more commonplace some roles may not be quite as obvious as you think, here are some of our favourite careers where you can make a difference.

  1. Scientists and Researchers
    We’re already moving away from traditional, fossil fuel energy sources, and continuous innovation will help us maintain our quality of life without compromising the environment. Australian researchers are doing everything from conservation research to experiments with futuristic new energy technologies. It’s an exciting time to work in science!
  2. Farmers
    As droughts, floods, and bushfires becoming more common, farming might not seem like the most appealing or modern career but in the future, we’ll still need fresh produce. Large corporate farming methods are falling out of favour due to questionable practices but organic and sustainable farming methods are moving forward with compelling new ideas for regenerative agriculture. Urban and vertical farming are also seeing a significant spike in interest and investment, including start-ups like Plenty and high profile work from Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal.
  3. Engineers
    Engineers are always in high demand, but as an engineer focused on clean energy and sustainability projects you could make a huge difference. Passionate engineers are already making a difference, working on projects ranging from wooden skyscrapers in capital cities to biogas stoves in developing countries.
  4. Auto Mechanics
    The common combustion engine is slowly driving into the sunset as modern hybrid cars and EV models move into dealer showrooms. Mechanic workshops won’t totally change any time soon but will likely become more technology-oriented as electric and hydrogen engines are more commonplace on Australian roads.
  5. Conservationists
    Who doesn’t want to be the next David Attenborough? Conservation programs are widely considered to be underfunded, but this field of work will only become more important as global population growth forces further deforestation and wildlife displacement. Sadly, the less nature we have, the more enthusiastic young conservationists will be needed within non-profits, universities, government agencies, and other conservation entities.
  6. Teachers
    How do we inspire the coming generations to make a difference? With educators who are passionate about the environment and the future of this planet, of course. Enthusiastic teachers who can embrace curriculums structured around sustainability goals and motivate our future leaders are absolutely critical for a greener future.

If you can suggest any other green career paths we’d love to hear from you! Email for consideration in our next list.