Most of us are now indoors and relying heavily on our favourite streaming services when not working or studying. If you’re keen for something a little different once you’ve finished Animal Crossing or the Disney+ back catalogue we’ve put together a list of interesting activities to keep kids (and curious adults) motivated about all things nature and sustainability.

  1. Create a Compost
    If you’ve been wanting to reduce the carbon footprint of your diet and you have the space, now it is an excellent time to start composting. There are plenty of places to start but one of our favourites is this old Plant Ark introduction featuring ABC’s Costa.
  2. Start Growing
    What can you use that compost for? Building a garden of course. You don’t necessarily need compost or even a yard to start, a simple a balcony box can used to start a small veggie garden. Not only will you have tasty homegrown snacks but it’s also excellent way to connect with nature and learn a bit of horticulture.
  3. Camp Out
    If you’re lucky enough to have even a modest-sized backyard, why not spend a night under the stars with a backyard campout. If you don’t have a tent, create your own! Discover what creatures reside in the darkest corners of your garden and learn the difference between the Southern Cross and Scorpius.
  4. Become An Expert
    Ever dreamt of one day becoming an expert in energy efficiency or sustainability? That day is today! Check out our very own Knowledge Bank to get started or search respected sites like for various in-depth courses focused on focus on renewable energy, environmental protection, and sustainable development.
  5. Upcycle
    Do you have worn out or broken furniture around the house? Bits and pieces from an old art project perhaps? Use your downtime to upcycle preloved items that have seen better days. There’s plenty of inspiration to be found online, check out Ikeahackers or the numerous DIY enthusiasts on YouTube.
  6. Easy Listening
    Rest your eyes by kicking back in your favourite chair or upcycled beanbag and treat yourself to some inspiring podcasts. Little Green Pod is an excellent starting point but there are tonnes of inspirational listens to be discovered such as Brain On!, Fierce Girls, and Earth Rangers. For something a bit quirkier try Noisy By Nature or Imagine This.

Don’t forget you can still read books for fun, and if you’re really missing school you could try recreating it in Minecraft.