As climate strikes rage and government debates drag out around the world, there’s no shortage of climate reading. Sometimes boring and often straight-up depressing, it can be a struggle to find something fun and educational you’d want to share with kids. To celebrate #BookWeek in Australia we’ve compiled a shortlist of dynamic and inspiring recent releases to get younger learners excited about saving our planet.

Kids Fight Plastic
We’ve figured out plastic is pretty terrible in the wild, and now found in the darkest corners of the Earth. Communities are collectively (but slowly) working towards alternatives and removing single-use products from shelves but what can students do? Become a #2minutesuperhero according to author Martin Dory, anti-plastic campaigner and author of the bestselling No. More. Plastic Kids Fight Plastic is a practical and positive guide containing 50 short missions for the aspiring climate hero.

Earth Heroes
From two minute heroes to the special few who have dedicated their lives to preserving the planet, Earth Heroes celebrates pioneers who have really made a difference. This collection not only features Solar Schools favourites Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough but lesser-known figures like Architect Mohammed Rezwan, and Brazilian environmentalist activist Sheila Watt-Cloutier.

Fantastically Great Women who Saved the Planet
For even more fantastic Earth heroes, Kate Pankhurst has written the aptly titled Fantastically Great Women who Saved the Planet. Discover the true stories behind the Antarctic researcher making ozone discoveries and the ethical cosmetic innovator among others. Praised by publications such as The Guardian and the Times, this a timely resource to discover female role models from diverse backgrounds.

Evie and the Animals
For some fun fiction, bestselling author Matt Haig (the Humans, How to Stay Alive and A Boy Called Christmas) and illustrator Emily Gravett follow an eleven-year-old who has a special ability to communicate with animals. After liberating the school rabbit, things begin to escalate and what follows is an adventure highlighting the distinct relationship between people and the natural world we inhabit.

Mallee Sky
Award-winning artist Tannya Harricks and writer/teacher Jodi Toering, team up for something uniquely Australian with this story Set in Mallee, country Victoria. Wonderfully illustrated with oil paintings, this vivid story poetically details life on the land including the effects of natural disasters and drought.